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Getting to Know Us

Dr. David Boyland

Dr. david boyland

Dr. Dave Boyland has been a practicing physical therapist/athletic trainer in Cortland, NY for over 30 years and is a Sports Certified Specialist (SCS). He has provided athletic training s... read more

Goldwyn & Boyland Welcome

You have nothing to lose and everything to gain. Dave Boyland

There is a sense of encouragement and hope once you step through the doors of Goldwyn and Boyland Physical Therapy. If you are coming to us after a life-changing injury, struggling with chronic pain, or looking to climb more mountains in your later years, we offer the most advanced and effective treatment techniques. We carefully craft individualized treatments with full recovery and whole body strength as our goal. Depending on what your goals are for your body, we use techniques that range from simple exercises to vibroaccoustics. Each one of our caring, highly trained professionals will work with you to provide hands-on, functionally based interventions to help you return to living a full, strong, and comfortable life.