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Getting to Know Us

Kristin White

Kristin whiteKristin White is a certified personal trainer (CPT) through American College of Sports Medicine and joined the Goldwyn & Boyland team as a personal trainer in the fall of 2015. She graduated S... read more

Success Stories

Q:  Results you have experienced since starting the Move Better Fitness Coaching program:

A:  "The best result that I have received by participating in this program is the change in perspective from what I CAN'T do to what I CAN."

A:  "I'm so happy I decided to do the program, it helped me to gain confidence that I can make it onto the team at college."

A:  "An overall feeling of well-being.  I have more energy.  Daily physical movement is much easier.  I don't think twice about taking the stairs to my office (3rd floor).  I don't think twice about going for a hike even when I am tired.  I have a level of strength I've never had before.  I'm stronger and more flexible now than at any time in my life.  I've gained a real appreciation for what it means to be fit and strong."

A:  "I feel better during the day, I have more energy, sleep better with fewer muscle cramps.  My balance has improved and I stand up straighter without leaning my head/neck forward."

A:  "I shovel snow, paint the house, and perform all routine activities without pain for the first time in over 10 years.  No back spasms for the first time in 20+ years.  I have better balance, strength, and flexibility.  I can turn around easier to see out the rear window of the car."

A:  "Before the program I used to routinely suffer from back and neck aches due to muscle spasms.  I have not had these problems in the nine months since I started the program.  I also feel more confident going up a ladder or tackling the occasional weekend-project."


Q:  Things you like about the program:

A:  "It's so important to recognize that I'm working with someone who truly recognizes physical limitations and ways to accommodate for them to maximize what one CAN do rather than viewing limitations through a deficit lens.  When provided with a new exercise, I am SHOWN how to do it, and then I get feedback from the instructor's ongoing monitoring to tweak the manner in which I complete the exercise to optimize the experience.  Emphasis is placed on form rather than on numbers of repetitions."

A:  "The instructor is very good at nurturing a friendly atmosphere that promotes comradery and group participation."

A:  "Greg is a first rate coach whose range extends from athletes to seniors like me." 

A:  "The social aspect is great!  I like the variety of exercises as well.  I feel as though I'm a kid in P.E. class, only now, it's so much more fun.  I guess you could say the program has brought out the kid in me- I like that!  I also, very much appreciate the individual attention we get.  If I need assistance, I know Greg will give it."

Other comments:

"It is really amazing how individualized the program is.  I have no hesitation recommending the program to others because I believe everyone can benefit from it."

"I did not expect to like this activity as much as I do."

"In education, we strive to differentiate our teaching in order to support all learners.  Greg does this beautifully.  I've never seen differentiation so consistently used- it's quite remarkable.  In addition to the above statement, Greg is just a great person.  He uses his insightfulness, humor, and wit to keep us motivated."