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The first thing a patient will get at the first session is hope, as every therapist knows that the goal is to get better. Physical therapy at Goldwyn & Boyland PT primarily uses exercise, stretching, balance and stability training, soft tissue and joint mobilization, and neuromuscular retraining to help you move well. Our philosophy has lasted over 20 years and integrates restoration of function in a pain free comprehensive manner. It is not unusual for our patients to laugh and smile during their physical therapy sessions. We know that along with physical recovery, our minds are an integral part of the healing process.

If your doctor is recommending surgery, we work together with you to provide pre-operative care, which will help you in choosing your recovery options. We know how permanent and significant surgery is to your body. Our goal is to use the most gentle and effective approach at your rehabilitation. Our therapists provide you with healthy and informed options to get your body to its full potential.

Goldwyn & Boyland also provides quality post-operative care and rehabilitation. Most orthopedic surgeries benefit from rehabilitation afterwards to speed the recovery process and help ensure full function throughout your life. Our clinicians use an integrative diagnostic system, which allows us to find the cause of your symptoms, not just the source, by breaking down unhealthy body patterns and helping your body and mind learn how to fully recover.

With Direct Access now available in New York State, you can now come right in to our office to seek physical therapy care. Referral to a doctor's office or immediate care facility will continue to be made when appropriate.

Alongside our traditional services offered, Goldwyn & Boyland is pleased to offer AAT to our clients to help in recovery from chronic pain, trauma, stress, anxiety and depression.

When our bodies have been traumatized, our nervous system remembers, and can sometimes form harmful patterns that can prevent us from fully healing and recovering. The AAT process uses techniques that bring together the Nervous System, the Limbic System, also known as the emotional brain, and the Neo-Cortex, or the conscious brain.

Using state of the art equipment that include a vibroaccousitc chair and table, and our trained therapists techniques, we create a space for you to fully recover from injuries that sometimes lie deeper than flesh and bone.