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From local high schools and colleges to the surrounding ski hills, our community is full of athletes at all levels. The therapists at Goldwyn & Boyland are committed to better serving these athletes, and proud to be at the forefront of new advances in helping athletes stay healthy and reach their potential. In recent years new understanding of muscle and joint injuries have resulted in highly effective injury prevention strategies.

Because traditional pre-participation physicals and fitness testing have almost no correlation with injury rates we believe it's best to evaluate the stability, mobility, balance, and functional movement. With this information, we can develop a plan to improve the coordinated functioning of the whole body, not just individual parts. This allows players to improve performance and stay healthy.

We have worked with many local colleges, Varsity and JV sports teams, as well as Olympic athletes. We have also been an integral part of the rehabilitation and strength and conditioning staff for the USA Handball Women's National Team.

Please call our office to learn how we can help you avoid injuries and achieve your goals.

  • Programs can include: Dynamic Warm-up
  • Flexibility/ mobility exercise
  • Strength/ power exercise Stabilization (e.g. core stability)
  • Development of agility & efficiency
  • Sport-specific endurance/conditioning Group/Team Programs